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Posture Perfect Kneeling Chair

This comfy kneeling chair is made of sturdy wood and is covered with a thick black cushion with leather look PUvinyl. Perfect for sitting at a desk. Helps with posture. Adjusts height from thebase for comfort and support. Can't break the habit of sitting with your head way out in front of you while doing computer or desk work. This chair is a step in right direction for improving your work station posture. Great price too!




 Body Massage Roller

This beautifully turned wooden massage tool has many functions.  Use it on another person or for self massage.  Learn how to use the roller best by watching our instructional video.  Put the roller under your back, roll it along your legs or behind your head for tension relief.



Aluminum Student Pro Light

ViVi THERAPY has a limited supply of these amazing portable aluminum massage tables.  Constructed from polished aluminum, real wood platforms and adjustable height. Carry case is deluxe quality with many pockets for oils and accessories along with high quality zippers and straps.  This table comes with a crescent shaped arm rest, face rest and cushion.  ViVi Therapy also carries matching stools.



Flat Top Fire Cupping Jars
(5 piece set)

This is a 5 piece traditional style flat top glass cupping set.  These cups require heating prior to application.  Cupping Massage is a great addition to your practice and has many benefits from the extra blood flow stimulation to meridians and sub dermal tissue.

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